What is the American College of Lifestyle Medicine?

Founded in 2004, the American College of Lifestyle Medicine uses evidence-based lifestyle therapeutic approaches to prevent, treat and sometimes reverse lifestyle-related chronic disease.  Focusing on the 6 pillars of health including getting adequate and good quality sleep, exercise, stress management, avoidance of risky substances such as tobacco, social connectivity, and a predominately whole food plant-based diet to promote health and prevent disease.   

Lifestyle medicine aims to treat the root cause of disease.  Since most modern diseases are caused by lifestyle, lifestyle changes must be part of the cure.  Your primary medical professional may become board certified in Lifestyle Medicine. If they are, they will use lifestyle changes as the first-line therapy for disease treatment and reversal.  Many patients who make these recommended changes are able to get off many if not all of their medications and are able to live their life optimally.   

If you want to find medical professionals who are board certified in Lifestyle Medicine, you can search here:  https://www.lifestylemedicine.org/ACLM/Membership/Membership_Directory/ACLM/About/Membership_Directory.aspx?hkey=6985d848-1f77-4307-a335-20f0bdcced82 


Plant Street’s Alison Gerrish PA-C is board certified through the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and would love to help you make positive lifestyle changes.  Sign up for Plant Street Health Coaching today!