We all have those days…

This is the morning I woke up and opened my pantry to get out the oatmeal I needed to make my breakfast only to find my almond milk was in my pantry instead of the refrigerator.  I was about 4-month post-partum with my 3rd child and was so sleep deprived it really wasn’t that surprising.  I couldn’t help but laugh at myself and be reminded that some days are just like that.   


There will be days that you too left your milk in the pantry.  The key to making sure things like this don’t ruin your day is all in how you respond.  Today, I encourage you to give yourself grace.  Be aware that your thoughts whether positive or negative will affect your mood, which will also affect your desire to stay on track with healthy lifestyle choices. Let go of the things you cannot control and if you feel like you messed something up weather at work or with your lifestyle choices you made that day, tomorrow is a new day for you to start again.   


Author: Alison Gerrish PA-C, Certified Lifestyle Medicine Professional