Go Plants!!!

I can’t thank Alison enough for her support and expert knowledge she has shown me over the past few months! In March 2022 I had a devastating diagnosis of advanced cancer. My brother, Henri (Dr. Lanctin) upon hearing of this diagnosis , encouraged me to try eating a plant based diet. He told me he didn’t want to preach to me and couldn’t give me any assurances other than the plant based would decrease inflammation and make the chemotherapy more tolerable and would help strengthen my good cells and starve the cancer ones. I was quick to jump on board as I felt I had nothing to lose and this was something I had control over. He encouraged me to check out the Plant Street website and sign up for Alison’s course . Because I jumped in with both feet and wasn’t able to gradually transition to plant based it was a huge learning curve. Alison was so very helpful and encouraging every step of the way and was quick to answer every question promptly and thoroughly. The online sessions were very helpful for lots of tips and information and also a great source of support. Alison is also great at weeding out fact from fiction and being able to back up everything she encourages. Fast forward to September now and I have made it through my six chemotherapy sessions with truly very little complications. I can honestly say that I’m sure the plant based diet kept me from getting nauseated and I have had a good healthy appetite throughout my treatments. I experienced just a few days of dizziness and weakness after each session but that would dissipate fairly quickly. My bloodwork has all been good and my vitamin B12 has been excellent so I really am a believer now that you don’t need meat for anything!!! My energy level has been perfectly normal and I feel good going into surgery. I would encourage everyone to try it and see for yourself how good it makes you feel. And I should mention that there are a lot of delicious recipes out there and of course Alison has tons and I and my family have found they are flavourful and filling! Thanks again Alison!! Go Plants!!! Jocelyn Isaacs

Dave and Peggy King

"We had seen firsthand what the diet..."

My husband and I began a Whole Food Plant Based w/o Oil way of eating after we both had serious health setbacks. I met Alison through a WFPB Facebook site and began messaging her. She had great credentials and was so enthusiastic and encouraging in helping us.  We decided to connect with her through her website, Plant Street and watch her videos. Her videos are all so informative and answered many questions.  Then we also connected with Alison herself through a video chat and she was able to answer any questions we had personally and give us ideas and encouragement.  We plunged right in and changed over completely.  We had seen firsthand what the diet we’d been on had done to us and knew we had to change.  Alison emailed recipes and meal plans for a week at a time.  They included the groceries you would need to make everything for that week!  You could use as much of these guides as you wanted, either just a recipe or two, or the entire plan for the week.  Working with Alison was an anchor for us. Her knowledge and assurance was always encouraging and if we were struggling in any area when we began a video chat, we would be ‘raring to go!’ when we were done. Thank you Alison for guiding us in this life changing, and for us, life saving way of eating.

Ellen S. PA-C 

his plaque had regressed..

I work as a cardiology PA and saw a patient last month after a cardiac cath where he was found to have severe triple vessel/left main disease with recommendations for CABG.  At his follow up appointment, he was devastated and asked if there was anything at all he could do diet wise to avoid surgery.  I spent 90 mins with him that day discussing a WFPB diet and he decided he was going to commit to a strict plant based diet.  He called a week later to let me know that he met with the surgeon who told him that regardless of what he did lifestyle wise, he would need surgery as his disease was too severe but he had made it a whole week at that point with no dairy/meat/processed food and he was feeling better so he asked for a referral to another cardio practice just for a second opinion to see if he might get by with stents instead (which he has had several stents in the past).     I saw him back this past Friday, a month after our initial visit.  He ended up getting that second opinion at a cardio practice across the state who reviewed his prior films and said they thought they could do Impella supported stenting instead of bypass so he had a repeat cath with that group early last week...and his plaque had regressed to the point that they didn't even have lesions significant enough to stent!  He is so thrilled and I am beyond happy for him.  His angina has improved significantly and I am tapering him off his anti-anginal agents.  I had recommended the Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease book to him last month...he has now bought 7 more copies that he hands out to his friends.  I have always been a bit reticent to "push" a plant based diet too much to our patients as I work under two cardiologists that, for lack of a better term, are very traditional in their practices in the sense that they will prioritize medications and interventions far above lifestyle changes.  But seeing this patient's dramatic improvement in 1 month and knowing how relieved he is to not need open heart surgery, I now am fully committed to making lifestyle discussions an integral part of my interactions with patients and am researching adding group visits.  Working through the ACLM core competencies now and look forward to getting more and more comfortable with lifestyle medicine conversations with patients.

Tina Mancell

It’s clear in my heart that science-based nutrition points…

I have never felt so sure of something like adopting a wfpb diet for myself and my family! This is it...plants! After surviving my cancer diagnosis at the age of 18 and over a decade of committing to my health with consistent exercise and “cleaning up”the kitchen, I was at a cross roads of long term remission with this fear of a new diagnosis post chemotherapy/radiation and what else can I do? I have a family and want to be there for the long term. It’s clear in my heart that science-based nutrition points to a wfpb diet for the long haul in my chances to avoid or reverse any more damage to my body. I am grateful for this nutritional awakening and it’s as simple as just eating plants! I have never felt better and appreciative to have this foundation for my family!