Seat Yourself

Level 1 Online Live Coaching

Access to The Drive-Thru - online video library

Our video library is for those of you who want to learn more about the benefits of a whole foods plant based diet but you don’t want to spend your valuable time searching the web to get answers to all your questions. Our content was created by medical professionals that you can trust and the topics stem from the things that we wanted to know while making our own transition to a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Weekly Access to your Health Coach (8 weeks)

Our health coaching package takes things a bit further by giving the support you need to set you up for success. You can expect weekly communication from your health coach.  You will get answers to all your questions within 48 hours via email, facebook or via the fruit street app.

Weekly meal plans

We have partnered with Clean Food Dirty Girl to offer you weekly meal plans as part of our coaching program. Having a grocery list, preparation instructions, and a list of meals to cook each week will cut down on the day-to-day hassle of finding recipes which will save you time and energy. Our meal plans also offer words of encouragement and helps teach you how to cook! The meal plans are not a required part of the program, but are available to use if you so choose.

Support from other Plant Street participants

A private Facebook support group will help keep you motivated and connected. This is a great way to create social network that can help you achieve your goals. Your coach will also be sharing recipes and more tips/tricks to keep you going.

Access to “Fruit Street” mobile app

  1. The Fruit Street Mobile App allows program participants to take photos of their food, receive comments on meals from coach and text message with instructor. Taking pictures helps both you and coach see the progress.  Our mind process information better when see our progress. 
  2. Ability to conference with coach on one-to-one bases and group video conference with your assigned instructor.  
  3. Track activity and weight using smart devices like Fitbit watch and weight machine.