Misty Hildenbrand

Registered Dietitian

Misty Hildenbrand became a Registered Dietitian because of her interest in whole food plant nutrition and food as medicine. During high school, she learned that dairy products can aggravate acne and became an ovo-vegetarian. Soon after starting college, she transitioned to eating a whole food plant-based diet. Disappointed with not learning about whole food plant nutrition in college, she continued to expand her knowledge through reading books and attending webinars. She became a member of plant-based Nutrition of South Dakota to meet with other individuals also interested in plant-based nutrition. 

Misty has an undergraduate degree in Music and Dietetics from the University of Wyoming and a Master’s Degree in Nutritional and Exercise Sciences from South Dakota State University. In 2020, she became the Great Plains State Coordinator for the Vegetarian/Vegan Dietitian Practice Group with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Along with working with the Plant Street Team, she raises her 2 young children and teaches group fitness classes.