Frozen Grapes!

Need a great snack idea for your kids? You have to try frozen grapes! I didn’t think to do this until about 3 years into eating more plants so I just have to share this with you. This is such a fun, EASY thing to do.

Choose any variety of grape you like. We love any kind of grape frozen but especially love cotton candy grapes or sapphire grapes when in season. Buy seedless.

Wash and allow them to dry on a towel on your table.

Once dry, put in a large freezer bag and pull out as you wish!

Once they slightly thaw, they are like little slushy treats inside! The kids think they are so fun, especially when you call them fun names. We like to refer to the Sapphire grapes as “Moon Finger Grapes.” We eat these all year long, but they are especially fun in the summer!



Author: Alison Gerrish PA-C, Certified Lifestyle Medicine Professional