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Our ‘Drive-Thru’ video library is for those of you who want to learn more about the benefits of a whole foods plant based diet but you don’t want to spend your valuable time searching the web to get answers to all your questions.  Our content was created by medical professionals that you can trust and the topics stem from the things that we wanted to know while making our own transition to a healthy diet and lifestyle.  Consider this your one stop shop for evidence-based information that will help you stay confident while you make your transition to eating more plants! Our video package does not include meal plans, community support or health coaching, so if you think you want more than just education consider our Seat Yourself Package.

How to Get Started
Allison Gerrish, PA-C
What are the 5 basic steps you need to consider before deciding if you are going “all in” or doing a gradual transition?
How Plant-Based Nutrition Will Change Your Life.
Alison Gerrish, PA-C
Realistic expectations for improvement and prevention of chronic diseases with WFPBD.
Protein Myth
Alison Gerrish, PA-C
If you only eat plants where will you get your protein?
Where Does Calcium Come From
Alison Gerrish, PA-C
Can you get enough calcium if you don’t consume dairy products?
Why No Oil or Dietary Cholesterol
Alison Gerrish, PA-C
But, isn’t olive oil healthy?
Whole Food, Plant-Based Diet, and Weight Loss
Alison Gerrish, PA-C
A WFPBD is different than all the others. Why is it important to eat nutrient rich foods?
Elimination of Processed Foods
Alison Gerrish, PA-C
What is the difference between whole food and processed food and why is it a big deal?
Fiber, Gut Health, and the Microbiome
Greg Gerrish, MD, FACS
Learn how managing the 39 trillion microbes in your gut with diet will make a whole lot of ills disappear!
Dietician and Provider Do Not Know
Alison Gerrish, PA-C
Why don’t conventional medical and nutritional caregivers encourage a WFPB lifestyle?
Six Pillars of Health
Alison Gerrish, PA-C
Besides nutrition, what are the other 5 important things that contribute to a healthy life and longevity?
Understanding Stress
Lori Redlinger, YACEP, RYT-200
Learn how stress can affect your physical, mental, and emotional health.

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