CURBSIDE on Plant Street

Being the inaugural newsletter for Plant Street we would like to introduce our team. We are excited to roll out our first coaching session with Alison in January of 2022. It has been a long time coming as we are passionate about doing it right. We are all busy with other commitments, and as our collective vision evolves, so does PlantStreet. Although we are very content with the current content on the website, we feel that it is only the start and we are creating a one-stop site where a user can learn about all aspects of living a healthy whole food, plant-based lifestyle while also embracing the other important pillars of good health including relaxation, exercise, stress reduction and good sleep habits. We also are cognizant that not all plant-based diets are healthy and this is highlighted in the coaching sessions.

Our CEO, Alison is a hospitalist Physician Assistant who has completed the eCornell University certificate course in plant-based nutrition as well as being a Certified Lifestyle Medicine Professional and a diplomat of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. Ali is passionate about practicing and raising her family in the whole food, plant-based lifestyle as well as teaching it. Additionally, she and her general surgeon husband, Greg (Dr Greg Gerrish, who is also a team member), own a gym and spend their free time, early mornings and lunches teaching fitness classes. She is energetic and has been the driving force behind the birth of PlantStreet, has organized a local support group and is active on the internet (Plant- Based Nutrition South Dakota on Facebook).

Dr. Javaid is a hospitalist, who as the director of the service recognizes the value and extreme need for preventive medicine with our current healthcare crises in America.  He has a firm belief in the power of individual self-learning with the use of the latest technology and has, along with his wife and Plant Street team member, Dr. Sabina Ahmad, have worked tirelessly with software developers to deliver the great website that Plant Street is today. He did this despite being the lead physician throughout the COVID-19 pandemic at his hospital, as well as assisting other regional hospitals with their individual surges of infected patients.

Jim and Lori Redlinger bring years of expertise to the team in the arena of stress reduction and relaxation. Having been successful co-owners of a Yoga studio, presenting at Yoga conferences and leading retreats they are natural teachers. Lori has a master’s degree in Counseling and Human Resource Management and Jim owns a mechanical contracting company. They are great ambassadors of the whole food, plant-based lifestyle and are energetic and valuable team members.

Misty is a licensed dietician who assists with the scientific content of the coaching sessions and website content. She is a long-time whole food, plant-based practitioner who also is a mother and aware of the hurdles of raising a child on a plant-based child.

As a urologist who deals with cancer patients daily in my practice and has a strong personal family history of cancer, I have been avoiding red meat for over 30 years and eating whole food, plant-based for the past 6 years. I have completed the Cornell University plant-based nutrition certificate course, try to keep up with the publications in this rapidly evolving field and attending conferences on the topic (unfortunately virtually over the past few years!).

As a healthcare team we are passionate about the benefits of living a whole food, plant-based lifestyle in the prevention and even reversal of the chronic diseases that are afflicting so many Americans. We are also distressed the manner in which our current “healthcare” system is failing.  We feel we have a tremendous opportunity to educate and guide those who wish to take this journey, using the latest scientific evidence. Please take a drive with us on Plant Street, we look forward to having you along!


Author: Henri P. Lanctin MD, FACS