Begin your day with this Gratitude Meditation

Find a comfortable place to sit.  It could be on a chair or on the floor.  Feel the support beneath you. Settle down into this support and sit up tall.  Soften the muscles in your face and jaw.  You may close your eyes or leave them open with a soft gaze. 

Say “good morning” to yourself.  Bring awareness to your breathing.  Without changing anything, just notice each inhale followed by the natural exhale.  Feel the air coming in through your nostrils, cool and fresh.  Feel the air moving out through your nostrils, warm and soft.   

Now, begin to deepen your breath.  Breathe in to the count of 4 and breathe out to the count of 4.  There is no hurry. Nice slow inhale, gentle complete exhale.  Just follow the path of your breath – into your body and out of your body.   

As you inhale, feel your belly, rib cage, and chest gently expand.  Then, let it all go.  Keep your attention here for a few moments longer, breathing in what you need, and letting go of what you don’t need. 

Now, bring your awareness to your heart.  Notice the subtle beating of your heart.  Become aware of the gift of life your heart brings to you each and every moment.  Your heart holds the energies of love, compassion, kindness, forgiveness, and gratitude.  Feel your heart filled with these energies.   

Now, bring to mind a blessing in your life – it could be your life partner, your child, or anything else that you are thankful for.  Hold gratitude in your heart for this gift.  Pause and stay with this feeling of gratitude in your heart. Notice how gratitude feels.  

Now, bring to mind another blessing.  Feel your heart expand as you give thanks for this blessing in your life.  Pause and feel grateful for this gift.   

Continue to bring a few more blessings to mind, as many as you like, feeling your heart fill with gratitude for each one.  Take time to feel the warmth and appreciation for each blessing.   

Now, just breathe and allow the feeling of gratitude for the gift of this day fill your heart and every cell in your body.  See yourself moving through this day with grace, ease, and lovingkindness towards yourself and all beings.   

Breathe in…breathe out.  Say to yourself, “I am grateful for the countless blessings in my life.”  Now,  slowly open your eyes.  Take a deep breath in, and slowly let it go. Your meditation is now complete.  


Author: Mrs Lori Redlinger, Yoga Provider