About Us

Changing the Medical Model

As a team of licensed medical professionals, it has become clear that our current medical model is failing. Too much emphasis is put on medications and procedures and too little on prevention. We developed Plant Street to give patients the education, resources, and support that they need to take control of their own health outcomes in a way that is not available in our current health care system.

Support You can Trust

We understand that not everyone will want to achieve a 100% whole food, plant-based lifestyle, but we know that the more you transition toward this goal the healthier you will be. We will work with you to find what's right for you

Results that will last a Lifetime

Fad diets don’t work long term, and in fact not all plant-based diets are healthy. We will give you the education to make lasting lifestyle changes, so you can live your best life.

Who We Are

We are a team of medical and health professionals who are passionate about helping people take control of their own health through lifestyle changes, focusing primarily on nutrition.

Our Mission

To give people the education and support needed to make lifestyle changes last a lifetime.

Our Vision

To take a stance against the rise of chronic disease and other health ailments by helping people successfully transition to a healthier lifestyle using a plant predominate diet, one person at a time.


Helping You Take The Path To Health

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Alison Gerrish, PA-C

CEO & Cofounder


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Henri Lanctin, MD, FACS



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Mian M Javaid, MD


Internal Medicine

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Greg Gerrish, MD, FACS

General Surgeon

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Misty Hildenbrand

Registered Dietitian